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    2. Lopie Enterprise is a private enterprise that focuses on the production, research and marketing of AFH paper products; And is committed to the integration of food-service and Hygiene disposable products.Taking "the delivery and sharing of quality of life" as its responsibility;Promote the environmental protection concept of "respecting life and protecting the earth";Actively practice the scientific development concept and strive to achieve the business purpose of cooperation and win-win.

      Lopie Enterprise found in 2005, during the past decade,Lopie has grown from a factory with one machine to a manufacture of full-line paper products.Lopie has more than 600 employee, and has four facilities and a product integration center. Annual production capacity is 60,000 tons, and the products are sold all over the world. Lopie always believe that rapid response to market demand, cost effective and customer satisfaction is the source of our value. Lopie always support to protect the forest and the ecological environment, and use sugarcane,reed, waste paper and other tree free materials to produce the finish products.

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