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    2. Lopie Enterprise Group is a professional manufacturer of clean and environmentally friendly paper for modern business and family life, the global commercial and household paper business began in 2002.

      A global development strategy for Lopie Enterprise Group is committed to meeting the needs of clean and environmentally friendly paper products in all parts of the world, and has made unremitting efforts in technological innovation, quality control, health and safety, and environmental protection.

       Head office address: 7th, Floor, Jingui Commercial Building, 982#, CongYun Rd, Yongtai Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
       Guangzhou Manufacturing base :
       Taihe town,Baiyun Distric,Guangzhou
       Dongguan Manufacturing base :
       Zhongtang town , Dongguan
       Guigang Manufacturing base :
       Guigang city, Guangxi
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